We have treated thousands of patients suffering from neuropathy.  Here are a few of the latest success stories.  Are you our next Neuropathy Warrior?


August 2018 – Watch Dr. Thai speaking passionately at Harvard.

Watch Connie on Good Morning Texas throw her cane away!

Patient Gloria Sharing her story on her graduation day!

Patient Leida shares her story of overcoming neuropathy!

Patient Phillip is conquering neuropathy!

Patient john was always told there was no cure, he believed that until he came here!

Patient Shannon is now a Neuropathy Warrior and Eliminated all diabetes Medication!

Patient Fritz advice for you!

Patient Rita has gone from wheelchair to walking through our treatments!

Patient Bill is nueropathy free in his feet!

2017 – Watch Diana’s story featured on CBS 11 of high her life was destroyed after a back surgery. Until now. She went through our process and now is living life again. Happily!

Patient Ken developed neuropathy from chemotherapy but today is neuropathy free!

PATIENT clyde suffered with pain in his legs for 20 years and is now 100% pain free!

Patient becky has battled neuropathy her whole life from being diabetic, but is now completely neuropathy free!

Patient Bob developed neuropathy because of chemotherapy. He was having all kinds of problems with his feet, but today he is a new man with no more neuropathy!

Watch as Glenda who use to suffer from lower back and feet problems

Gary had nerve damage from shingles. Today he has no more nerve damage!

Dave on ABC’s GMT. He suffered form chronic lower back pain. Dave tried all conventional treatments only to fail. After going through our process he is a new man. Watch how that is now a thing of the past!

Watch Bill talk about how he now has a new life!! No more neuropathy!

Listen To Dan Clay’s experience at The Advanced Nerve and Health Center.

Glenn Coleman a Vietnamese veteran treated his neuropathy with the help of Dr. Bao Thai’s neuropathy pain treatment!

Watch Dr. Bao Thai explain how reversing the neuropathy process will work for you on Good Morning Texas!

Patient Roger Walks without his walker!

Patient Eddie is lowering his gabapentin mediation!

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