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Dr. Bao Thai, DC 


The founder of the Advanced Nerve and Health Centers in Houston and Dallas. He is the creator of the process that has helped thousands of patients suffering from nerve related problems. He has been able to help patients when all else has failed. He has spoken at Harvard. He is currently on TV all across the country. He is married to his wife Suzanne Thai for 17 years now. They have one adorable 10-year-old son named Connor. They love to travel and spend time with each other. Dr. Thai is on a mission to change how the world approaches and treats nerve-related problems in a way that actually creates results.

Dr. Aliena Sohail, MD, PhD, Psy

Dr. Sohail has worked for Advanced Nerve and Health Center for 5 years. She started in Houston, TX where she was trained by Dr. Thai in his innovative nerve process. Dr. Sohail graduated from Caribbean Medical University. Her interest in healthcare extends well beyond just the daily practices of medicine as she obtained her Master’s degree in Health Psychology and Ph.D in Health Education and Promotion. This has helped her with understanding each patient and really learning about their needs. She is passionate about health, nutrition and overall wellness.


Leandi, Front Office Manager

She is the first face you see when entering the clinic.  She will make your appointments and answer and questions you may have.  When Leandi isn’t in the clinic, she’s at the park or lake with her husband and rescue dog, Manny.  She LOVES murder mystery and can eat sushi almost everyday without getting sick of it. 


Viki, Senior Medical Tech Trainer

Viki, or as some of our patients have declared as “J Lo,” is the Tech with the infectious laugh.  Viki has the awesome ability to remember the smallest detail of each patient she treats.  Not only is she a talented and trusted Tech, she’s the best at seeing the needs of the clinic and acting immediately.  The office Manager LOVES this about her! Want your way into Viki’s heart?  Give her chocolate, or call her husband and ask him to deliver lunch.  He does it all the time!  Maybe we’re just jealous. 

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