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The single biggest question we got all the time is " What is your process and why does it work when I have tried everything"?

Our process was created by Dr. Bao Thai DC. His process is based on the foundation that nerves and tissues can be healed. If you do not start with that foundation, how can you ever find a solution. Most doctors have already made up their mind that neuropathy cannot be treated and will never get well. We know this because we have had thousands of patients tell us that was what they were told. How sad is it when your doctor cannot believe that you will get well. 

This is one of many reasons why our process works. Dr. Thai believed that there was an answer. It was just a matter of figuring out how to make it work. He researched and tested to an extreme until one day it all came together. 

Our process is a proprietary process that utilizes very specific equipment done in a very specific way to help accelerate the bodies ability to achieve cellular repair. The fact that this was discovered, tested, and only used in our clinics is why and how we are able to help so many people. Don't believe us then go to our testimonials and watch videos of just a small sample of our patients. These are videos not quotes that prove what we do. 

It is this combination with the knowledge that continues to separate us apart from all other facilities. It is our proven success that we are most proud of and the life we are able to give to our patients. 

We have helped patients with the following causes of neuropathy

  • diabetes

  • chemotherapy 

  • post surgical

  • circulatory related

  • side effect of medications

  • idiopathic

  • and many more

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