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Our dedicated team is comprised of highly skilled doctors, health practitioners and professional support staff who pride themselves on delivering exceptional treatment and quality care to our patients. Our patients are special and unique and our treatment and care is tailored to their individual needs.

Dr. Bao Thai, DC

Job Title

Dr. Bao Thai DC is the founder of the Advanced Nerve and Health Centers in Houston and Dallas. He is the creator of the process that has helped thousands of patient’s suffering from nerve related problems. He has been able to help patient’s when all else has failed. He has spoken at Harvard. He is currently on TV all across the country. He is married to his wife Suzanne Thai for 14 years now. They one adorable 7-year-old son named Connor. They love to travel and spend time with each other. Dr. Bao is on a mission to change how the world approaches and treats nerve-related problems in a way that actually creates results.

Dr. Chris Buckley, D.C.


Dr. Buckley graduated from Texas Chiropractic College in April 1996. He served as Vice President of TCA – District 5. He also served as a Designated Doctor for the State of Texas, Worker’s Compensation Department, where he performed Designated Doctor (DD) Exams and Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCEs). He has worked in various aspects of Sports Medicine, Work Hardening, Pain Management, Personal Injury and Rehabilitation. He has a passion for helping people achieve a quality of life that is balanced spiritually, physically and mentally. He enjoys working with Dr. Bao because he enjoys interacting with the patients and has witnessed healing, through the techniques of Dr. Bao.


Head Nurse

Nurse JoDe started her journey with Advanced Nerve & Health Center as a patient.  She saw Dr. Thai on Good Morning Texas, booked a consultation, started treatment and now not only is she a Neuropathy Warrior graduate, she’s also a tremendous talent and wealth of information for our patients!  In fact, her success story is so inspiring that she now joins Dr. Thai on Good Morning Texas regularly. Her surgical nurse background also drives her compassion to enhance the quality of lives of our patients.  When she’s not addressing your neuropathy, you’ll find JoDe working on design projects (interior design and crafts, y’all) or spending time with her husband and two kids.

Summer Stone

Office Manager


Hunter Krastin

Medical Tech Trainer


Viki Gonzalez

Medical Technician


Chelsae Wright

Medical Technician

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Bryan Samuels

Medical Technician


Amy Sitters

Patient Advocate

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Katie Magee

Patient Advocate / Reception

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