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Do You Have Neuropathy? Are you taking medications and still seeing it get worse?

Neuropathy is a condition that destroys people's lives. Do you know or does your Doctor know there are treatments other than medications that can really help neuropathy? Have you been told by your doctor that nothing can be done? Do you believe that there is no hope for you? What if I told you that 1000's of people suffering with the same neuropathy problems like you are now living a better quality of life! How can this be? Keep reading and let me give you some hope.


First lets start with "what is Neuropathy?"  Neuropathy is nothing more than a fancy term that translates to "your nerves are damaged". The damage most commonly occurs in the feet, but it can also be in the hands as well. 


Like the many causes of neuropathy, there are many types as well. Types of neuropathy can range from small fiber, large fiber, mono, and poly neuropathy. What they all have in common is that they take away a person's quality of life. Symptoms can range numbness, tingling, burning, pain, muscle weakness, fatigue, and balance problems.  Patients often say due to the symptoms they wake up all night long. This deadly disease spares no one. 

Traditional treatment for peripheral neuropathy include anti-seizure or anti-depressant medications, steroid or anesthetic injections, electrode therapy, and sometimes surgery. Unfortunately for patients these treatments often are NOT EFFECTIVE because they are only designed to help relieve the symptoms temporary.  

Neuropathy can occur from many different causes. These can range from diabetes causing diabetic neuropathy. Patients that receive chemotherapy treatment for colon, breast, anal, multiple myeloma, and other cancers can get neuropathy as a side effect of the chemotherapy. This causes a condition known as CIPN. Chemo induced peripheral neuropathy. Other patients will develop neuropathy as a result of back surgery. These cases started with the patient developing back pain of some sort. MRI's would typically show that the patient has developed a disc bulge or otherwise known as a herniation. This is where the disc puts pressure on the nerve causing it to fail. These patients now under go a surgery. As a result of the prolonged pressure on the nerve, the patient still has the neuropathy symptoms. These patients can have symptoms in their feet that can lead to another issue known as drop foot. Imagine having not 1 of these causes but multiple. This is the reality for so many people. 


Patients have come from far away to search for treatment for their neuropathy. They are tired of taking the medications that only suppress the neuropathy symptoms. Patient's when on these medications lose a piece of who they are. The medication only makes them forget temporary that pain or symptoms in their feet are still there.  

At the Advanced Nerve and Health Center DFW we are DEVOTED to helping our patients beat their neuropathy. We want to give you the best neuropathy treatment. Even if you are diabetic, or have had surgery, gone through chemotherapy, whatever the cause is our mission does not change. Beat the peripheral neuropathy so that you can sleep, can live, and most importantly be happy again. Neuropathy should not destroy your life! You can win!!

Our founder Dr. Bao Thai DC has devoted his life into developing this process that is  based on science and on a sound medical foundation of how a nerve works, how it repairs, how it regenerates, and how it grows. He has traveled around the world talking and learning from professionals to create a process that has helped thousands of North Texans get results with their peripheral neuropathy. Our patients have gone from having excruciating foot pain and severe neuropathy symptoms to living a life where their neuropathy is a distant memory. 

Dr. Thai's proprietary process is a multi-step multi-dimensional neuropathy treatment that uses the latest medical technology with a strong foundation on nutrition and cellular biology. 

Our process does NOT utilize surgery, medications, and tens unit.

Our lasers are unique and our process as well. It is our mission to help patients live life again.  

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