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Can neuropathy be cured?

As we all know neuropathy is a dangerous condition that destroys people's lives. If you have it, you probably have been given the prognosis of nothing can be done. You just have to live with your neuropathy. Even though we all know that it will cause you to be in a wheel chair at some point in your life. Does that make sense? With as advanced as we are with medications and surgery, it does not seem right there is no cure.

I have to confess. I was in that party at one time too. All I knew was what I heard from other doctors on what they were able to do. Even though it seemed impossible that no one had figured out how to repair a nerve. We have medications that kill bacteria, we have medications that destroy cancer cells, and we have medications that inhibit the brain from detecting problems. With all of these advancement why has it been so hard to treat neuropathy. It finally dawned on me one day!!

All the medications that are out there are either meant to destroy or inhibit. Let me clarify. If you have an infection you are given a antibiotic that slows or stops the growth. Chemo medications destroy the DNA or RNA of cells preventing them from replicating. Science has figured out that to control the body the stop processes from happening. When you have damaged nerves, what processes can you stop for the nerve to stop dying? That is the question I want you to think about. Better yet, let's rethink this. What if instead of suppressing or inhibiting we accelerate and support? How about giving your nerves what it wants. Give it the proteins and nutrients that it needs. Then give the cells a boost of internal energy that propels it to function again.

What do you think the result would be? Check out this new video from our wonderful patient!!

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