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Heart and Soul of Our Neuropathy Treatment

We often get this question of why can you guys help neuropathy when all else fails! Why is that you guys have so many videos of people actually getting well. I hear this question at least 5 times a day from new patients. The answer is there are 2 parts to why we are successful .

The first is the the process itself. I have spent so much time researching and developing my treatments. It has been tested over and over to the point that we know what to do with neuropathy patients. Neuropathy is not a simple fix. You can't just do one thing and expect it to work. Some other clinics out there claim to have the same equipment and do the same treatments. That could be farther from the truth. Just because someone says they have a laser, does that mean they know how to use it properly? Does it mean they know what nerve to treat and for how long? Do they know what wavelengths the laser needs to be at? The answer is NO. That is the reason why we are able to do what we do.

The second reason why we are so successful is because of our staff! They are beyond amazing. They care and love patients. They are willing to go the extra mile to make miracles happen. I wanted to spotlight one of our amazing med techs. Bryan today! Without our staff our office would not be the mecca of neuropathy healing.

God Bless

Dr. Thai

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