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How Anxiety can cause peripheral neuropathy

You know, I get this question all the time can anxiety cause neuropathy? No, that's a great question. Now let's look at what happens in your body when you have anxiety. Typically, it's due to a stressful situation that you're going through and all of a sudden everything just feels like it's collapsing in your body, that you can't control your emotions.

That things are just happening out of control, that every single action you're doing, or every thought you're doing isn't working anymore. So how does neuropathy relate to that? Well, neuropathy can affect it, but it's more of a secondary type of thing. When we look at neuropathy, one of the biggest problems is inflammation. And you know inflammation, I want you to think of that as like an acid. The more inflamed your body is, the more acidic it is, which is going to cause it to break down everything else.

But even then, when we look at just vital functions in our body, it is a cascading set of events. So, if your body's constantly inflamed, that means nothing is working right in your body. Even your emotions, because emotions are hormone dependent, there's so many different factors there. And so, when we look at that, the more inflamed you are, the more toward ineffective. So, the short answer is yes, neuropathy can affect your anxiety levels.

So how do you help that right. Well, the easiest answer to that is you've got to start reversing that neuropathy. You have to start getting those nerves working properly now, to where you don't have those issues. And there are a lot of different things that we do at our office from working on nutritional side of it to decrease inflammation, to the actual mental side of it, to the physical sign of it.

There's so many different things, but the only way you can figure out if we can help you is for you to come in. We'll do our evaluation, and from that point we can figure out if this is even something you. So again, the short answer is neuropathy can cause anxiety.

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