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Inflammation of the Spinal Cord Equals Neuropathy

This week was an awesome week in the office. We had a patient that came in who suffered from a condition known as transverse myelitis. Transverse Myelitis is a condition where the spinal cord gets exposed to high levels of inflammation. The result is they develop a very serious form of neuropathy. Neuropathy as we all know is damage to your nerves.

This patient received a flu shot 2017. Immediately after receiving the injection she developed a horrible reaction. She lost control of her legs. She had tremendous pain and symptoms in the legs that led to paralysis. From the reaction of the flu vaccine she developed paralysis of her legs. The flu vaccine had such a bad reaction with her body that it caused tremendous inflammation on the spinal cord.

She was devastated. Imagine going from one day walking and living normally to the next where you can't walk anymore. It is a scary feeling. Her prognosis from her doctors was you will probably never be able to walk again. Neuropathy of this magnitiude rarely gets better. Whenever you start involving the spinal cord it now takes it to a whole different level. Conditions like this can look like other neurological conditions like MS or PLS.

When I saw this patient my first thought was I am so sorry your neuropathy is so bad. Her personality was so positive in spite of dealing with this problem for the past 3 years. The only thing I knew at the time was she needed someone or something to give her a break. I went through my thought process and determined through her medical history and progression of improvement that she could go through testing to see if she was a good candidate for my neuropathy reversal method. I wanted to see the changeability of the environment in the spinal cord and in the peripheral nerves when exposed to our treatment. I decided that we would charge up the lower thoracic, lumbar, and sacral nerves. Then we would treat the lower peripheral nerves.

Here are the results 1 hr later. I went in to see her to see what changes she saw. When I walked in I was hoping and praying for something that would help us help her. What I saw blew my mind!! When I walked in, the patient was in tears!! I did not know what this meant. I asked her some questions on what she saw. What I got back was mind blowing. She was able to get up and bend over! Her legs were moving again. She was able to do things that she had not been able to do!! The process had decreased enough inflammation in the spinal cord and around the peripheral nerves. Her nerves wanted a boost!

I have great hope for her and will update this blog as we start treatment. She comes in this week to start treatment. I have great hopes that we can restore function to her nerves and ultimately help her with her neuropathy.

God Bless Dr. Thai

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