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Keto recipe for neuropathy

If you nave neuropathy then you know how important nutrition is. When damaged nerves get excited they cause pain. Think of a nerve as a wire. This wire has been stripped to look like this.

Now imagine the nerve being exposed to the things in your body. What would happen when you pour water on top of that nerve? It would spark!! This is neuropathy! Those sparks are the things that causes all the symptoms with a neuropathy.

So what does nutrition have to do with neuropathy? It is all about decreasing inflammation! Calming that nerve down to the point where it can start repairing. This is so important in the process.

People often ask why does our process work so well? It's simple! We deal with all of the things that are wrong with the nerve. This could be the environment to the actual structure of that nerve. This is what we do! NRM - The neuropathy reversal method continues to help patients beyond everything else!!

Try this delicious recipe for muffins that are actually good for you!

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