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My Nerves are SO ANGRY at me!!

Why is it that if I have numbness I feel pain in my feet! Let's start looking at what nerves actually do. Specifically we are referring to peripheral nerves. These are nerves that leave the spinal cord and go to the extremities. A nerve serves 2 main functions. One is that they control sensation and the other is that control movement. A nerve has a feedback mechanism. Information needs to be sent and received. Commands are given out based on what is processed. When a patient has peripheral neuropathy, those nerves are damaged. This can be structural damage to functional damage. Either way the mechanism is broken! The result is you have issues with motor and sensory function of the nerves.

Most people with Neuropathy often report feeling a tingling pain or burning sensation. Generally, an individual’s specific symptoms may depend on the kind of nerves affected. Common symptoms and signs of Neuropathy include:

  • Numbness and tingling sensation in, usually, the hands or feet but which can spread to the arms and legs. This can make sleep difficult.

  • Sharp, electric-like pain.

  • The sense that one is stepping off into nothing with each step. People often describe it as walking on springs.

  • A burning type pain. Often it is impossible to point to an exact source of the pain as it will seem to be in an entire area such as the whole foot.

  • Muscle weakness /paralysis.

  • Temperature intolerance. Running one’s hands under warm water may cause discomfort

  • High sensitivity to touch. Even light brushes may prove to be very uncomfortable.

  • Dizziness due to changes in the blood pressure. This often shows up when standing up after sitting for some time.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that there are treatments for neuropathy. It just takes a different approach. A holistic approach that uses the knowledge of how the body works and how it repairs. Think about it. Who knows how better to repair nerves than your body. Your body is the one that has created your nerves to begin with. It just makes sense that it would have the map on what to do.

This is the very foundation of my process. Combining medical technology with common sense to create my process. People often tell me that their doctors have told them that nothing can be done. My question to them is why not? Did the Wright brothers listen to people when they were told there is no way we will ever be able to fly. Did someone say to that to Thomas Edison when he invented the light bulb.. I don't think so.

The only problem with neuropathy is the lack of innovation among the medical community. And the truth that patients have to work to get better. I know that this might be a touchy subject, but we have one life on this earth. Why not make it the best!!

God Bless

Dr. Thai

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