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Neuropathy heals itself

Here is a question we get all the time. Can neuropathy actually get better on its own naturally? Unfortunately, the answer is NO. Let me give you an idea why. So, when we look at a nerve and how a nerve regenerates and how it repairs and regrows, is it a simplistic process or very complicated process?

The answer is a very complicated process. So, when you look at people who have developed neuropathy, typically it's later in life and our bodies are in a very much different mode now. Our body is not in the nerve growth phase as it was when we're younger. Then we were growing taller and our nerves had to grow with us. Our bodies were growing nerves at a fast rate. As we get older that whole process stops!

Now our bodies are in a maintaining phase. What we find is nerve repair is very very slow on its own. When you develop neuropathy, with the repair phase so slow. It is virtually impossible for your body on it's own to repair the neuropathy. Also when you add multiple causes for it, this makes it very difficult for anything postive to happen on its own. This is why patients continue to suffer with numbness, tingling, pain in their hands and feet. Once the neuropathy starts it is a viscous path it takes you on. If you have neuropathy, you have to give your body a boost to get it to repair the damaged nerve.

Providing the body with the proper environment and providing the proper proteins is key to getting better. Next getting enough blood flow to that area, decreasing inflammation, and proper nutrition is imperative in nerve repair.

That is the very foundation on why we have had tremendous success. Our process focuses on these very things and then some. We understand how hard neuropathy is and what it can do to your life. Always ask yourself, where am I going to be in the next year when my neuropathy gets worse. This should scare you!! Neuropathy is no joke and should not taken lightly. You can either take action or let it take over your life!!

God Bless

Dr. Thai

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