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Neuropathy Pain and CBD

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

Neuropathy Pain and CBD

People who are suffering from nerve damage are prone to experiencing pain, numbing and prickling sensations in particular parts of the body. To help alleviate these symptoms, they sometimes use topical products that have Cannabidiol or what is popularly known as CBD, as an ingredient.

CBD is taken from the cannabis plant and is a therapeutic compound, which when mixed with other elements, creates other products such as CBD ointments and creams. And while there is no authoritative study that confirms CBD’s effectiveness when it comes to helping people deal with nerve pain, if you’re open to trying CBD creams, you may be able to experience some much-needed relief.

What is nerve pain?

Neuropathic pain is caused by either damage or injury to the nerves that transmit information between the brain and spinal cord from the skin, muscles and other parts of the body. The pain is typically described as a burning sensation and impacted areas are usually sensitive to the touch. The most common causes of neuropathic pain are:

· Lack of vitamins

· Diabetes

· Shingles

· Conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, spinal stenosis, or disc herniation

· Toxins such as radiation and chemotherapy

· Symptoms include tingling, numbness, a burning sensation, or a feeling of “pins and needles”

What are the possible benefits of CBD with regards to neuropathic pain?

As mentioned, there has been no new research—other than one that was conducted in 2016—to back the effects and benefits of CBD with regards to helping people deal with nerve pain and damage. In that study, the CBD gel that was placed onto rat skin showed promising results as it lessened both inflammation and pain.

Some products actually have tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, which is the compound found in the cannabis plant that gives people that notorious “high.” However, there have been old studies that implied that products that held a combination of CBD and THC could help ease the pain in people who are suffering from nerve damage, lingering neuropathic pain, and peripheral neuropathic pain.

Although early studies show incredible promise, more research is planned to completely uncover and understand the benefits of using CBD for nerve damage.

Is CBD safe to use?

CBD is safe to use although the Food and Drug Administration or the FDA has yet to give its full support owing to the limited research that is available regarding its tangible benefits. And from the data that has been published, suggests that the use of CBD has some slight risks.

What are the side effects?

Although CBD is generally safe, the FDA has listed down several possible side effects that come with using CBD products:

  • It could impact how other medications you’re taking work

  • It could result in liver issues down the road.

  • When used with booze or recreational “downer” drugs, you could get overly sedated which could cause injury


The use of CBD creams will not be able to fix nerve damage since they cannot penetrate the skin to get to the nerves. However, CBD creams could still offer you relief by numbing the pain that usually comes with nerve damage. If you want to alleviate the neuropathic pain that you are feeling, come visit our clinic and find out how we can provide the innovative treatment that you need.

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