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Should you exercise if you have neuropathy in your feet?

Exercise is something we know is good for us. If you have neuropathy in your feet should you exercise? If you have burning, tingling, or pain in the hands or the feet should you be exercising? What if your doctor tells you that you should not what do you do?

Here are some facts. We know that exercise is fantastic for us and for our body to increase circulation and gain muscle. Muscles are the only we can move. Without a muscle you lose complete function of nerves. Remember neuropathy is damage nerves. If your nerves are damaged and they control the muscle and the muscle loses strength then what happens? You lose the ability to walk and move! Does that sound like something that is good?

Now don't get me wrong. The exercise is not going to fix the neuropathy. It is going to keep things alive and moving so that when you get treatment to heal the nerve you still have muscle to work with.

Exercise is good!! You should be exercising if you have neuropathy. Just do not over do it. Light resistance is the key. No resistance is no good. Work at your neuropathy and you will be able to beat it!!

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