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A Comprehensive Science-Based Published Treatment Process Developed by

Dr. Bao Thai D.C.

Sustainable and proven treatment process for neuropathy that has treated 1000s of patients successfully. 

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Advanced Neuropathy Treatment Founder

Dr. Bao Thai is a father and a husband. He was born in Miami Florida. He was the first of his family to be born in the United States. His family immigrated from Vietnam. His father served in the air force flying helicopters for the US troops. 

Dr. Thai's passions are traveling and learning. Him and his family love experiencing new cultures as well as food. Dr. Thai prides himself on learning new things everyday. His wife Suzanne is a dentist that specializes in sleep apnea. His son Connor is 11 years old and enjoys taekwondo and is part of a hip dance group. 

Dr. Bao Thai D.C. has devoted his life to creating a process that is unlike what is out there.  His advanced proprietary neuropathy treatment has helped thousands of North Texans get their lives back when all is failed. He is an author, speaker, appeared on local and national TV, and is published as well

We are not like any other doctors office that you have visited. We are dedicated to you as an individual. We believe in helping treating your neuropathy by treating the root cause, not the symptom. We believe in treatment options that truly address the medical needs of our patients to create sustainability. In our office is all about you and your neuropathy.


What Do We Do For Our Amazing Patients?


Dr. Thai has spent over 7 years developing his treatment process. His process is the only Neuropathy Treatment Process that is published of this kind. 

Patient Focused

Our whole focus is to help create true results for our patients. We achieve this through listening and caring for our patients. 


Dr. Thai's NRM treatment process involves the latest in technology. Dr. Thai constantly looks to innovate his treatment process to enhance the quality of life for his patients. 

Medication Free

Our sole mission is to allow for a better quality of life for our neuropathy patients.  And we intend to enable patients to not solely rely on harmful pain medications. We understand that long term use of these medications can lead to negative lasting effects.